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The modern sales team dilemma


SDRs are spending most of their time crunching data instead of reaching out to new leads 

Data-driven sales

Empower your outbound sales team with predictable pipeline

You will be in good company

Our solution


Dedicated lead research specialist and data-driven insights

Leverage the data in your sales funnel to (re)define your ICPs

We help you to categorize your customers and map you key personas for each Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).


We will use this information to capture your Total Addressable Market and train our team of lead research specialists to make them think about your customers the same way you do.

Download our ICP guidelines
(free template included)

Capture your TAM


Capture your Total Addressable Market (TAM)


Since 2014, we’ve been building our own database of companies from the Americas, Europe, Middle East Southeast Asia and Oceania.


Regardless of whether you target HR leaders in tech. companies or marketing managers in B2C companies, our team of lead research specialists will build a custom, human-reviewed list specifically for your company and according to your ICPs.


Our processes are fully GDPR compliant.

Download our GDPR ebook for B2B outbound sales

(free template included)

We ❤️ ABM


Leverage (or implement with our help) an efficient account-based marketing strategy.


Our team will make sure your SDRs, AEs or Customer Success Managers will never crunch data again. We will synchronize (or help you to implement) workflows to constantly recycle your dormant accounts and find urgent leads for your SDRs.


Alternatively, we can also support your customer success team with new contacts to support your account expansion strategy.

Data-driven insights and weekly reports

Your dedicated account manager will report on our lead research specialist performance on a weekly basis.

On average we are able to provide between 100 to 200 new leads per week.


We use our weekly catch-up to look at the frozen the data from your CRM and see the impact of our leads in your sales funnel.


This discipline workflow helps us to get your team feedback frequently and leverage the data from your pipeline to adjust or efforts based on your successes.

No more data crunching
We have your back!


We are a happy bunch of geeks passionate about data and B2B sales.


Don't take our words for granted, here is what our customers are saying!

Working with JB, Simas and the rest of the team is super valuable to us. They accommodated their process to fit with our way of doing things here, they are always open to tweaks and changes when we want to try new strategies and customer segments and are always responsive. They provide a clear value to us and have greatly increased our BDR efficiency and ramp time.

Egil Andreu Gräs Clavel| Sales Operation Manager @ Templafy