Outbound = System

A successful outbound sales playbook includes a high level of human touch in the sales process.


Unlike inbound processes where the top of the funnel can be automated, most of the outbound processes can be systematized and only partly automated.

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Map and document your ICPs

Documenting your Ideal Customer Profiles will ensure that you and your team are sharing the same common sense.


Use this framework to train your team on your ICPs and accelerate their capability to create meaningful conversations with potential customers.

👉 Download our ICP guidelines

Design customer-centric campaigns

If you can explain your customers' problems better than they can, they will automatically think that you have the solution.

Use our ICP framework to design campaigns that consistently deliver meetings.

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Turn your CRM into a pipeline machine

There are only nine ways prospects can interact with cold outreach.


Create funnel stages for contacts in your CRM and make sure you never loose track of your leads pipeline.

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