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Boost your SDRs' productivity

Most of the SDRs are spending 30% to 50% looking for leads instead of contacting them.

Our lead research team becomes an extension of your sales team and consistently provides new leads to your SDRs.


We religiously follow your ICPs guidelines and enrich your leads with all the data-points your SDR typically looks for.

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Lead Research Team

How does it work?

1. ICP reverse engineering

We reverse engineer your existing customers and align on your Ideal Customer Profiles with our ICP framework.

2. We capture your TAM

We use our own technology to capture your Total Addressable Market.


We synchronize with your CRM to avoid duplicates and help you leverage your Account Base Selling strategy.

3. We become an extension of your team

Your account manager will recruit and train a dedicated lead research team.

On average, one full-time lead research specialist can enrich between 100 to 150 new leads per week.

4. Weekly reporting and data-driven sales

Your account manager will report on a weekly basis on 3 main criteria:

1. The performance of the lead research team

2. The progress of the leads in your funnel

3. The data behind the successful leads