ABS + ABM = 🚀

Account-Based Selling (ABS) processes are customer-centric.


They are 100% compatible with Account-Based Marketing (ABM) processes.

The main difference is that the leads from ABM come lower in the ABS funnel and are by default warmer.

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Map and document your ICPs

Documenting your Ideal Customer Profiles will ensure that you and your team are sharing the same common sense.


Use this framework to train your team on your ICPs and accelerate their capability to create meaningful conversations with potential customers.

👉 Download our ICP guidelines + template

Turn your CRM into a pipeline machine

Create funnel stages for contacts in your CRM and make sure you never lose track of your meetings pipeline.

Leverage the data behind your accounts and contacts to make data-driven decisions.

👉 Learn more about Data-Driven Sales

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Not sure where to start?

Score your ABS setup with 6 dimensions

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What is 6D Account-Based Selling scoring?


The 6 dimensions of the scoring will give you a clear understanding of all the elements you need to combine to turn your outbound sales playbook into a predictable revenue machine.

Why do I need to look at 6 dimensions?


The 6 dimensions will help you to adjust your efforts and priorities based on where you need the most immediate results.

Account-Based Selling